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Knowledge Base

  1. California Clerk Policies 

    1. Coalition Legislative Update - California
    2. Active Courts in California
    3. California eChecks
    4. Alameda Criminal Court
    5. Fresno County
  2. Indiana-General Information  

    1. Indiana changes effective July 1, 2017
    2. Initial Filings vs Subsequent Filings
    3. Public Service List
    4. Payment Accounts
    5. Submission Times & Missed Deadlines Due to Technical Error
  3. Indiana Clerk Policies 

    1. Live counties in Indiana
    2. Indiana eChecks
    3. Payment options when eFiling into Indiana
    4. Indiana State Guidelines for scanned documents
    5. General instructions to help ensure your case is filed without errors:
  4. Texas - General 

    1. What is the Public Service Contact List?
    2. R.A.C.E.R. - Providing Access to Court Documents
    3. How do I file a jury demand?
    4. How do I file an answer and counterclaim?
    5. How to File Vacation Letter in Dallas Distict
  5. Texas Appellate Filings 

    1. Special Document Requirements for Appellate eFilings
    2. Paper Copies No Longer Needed with Appellate Filings
  6. Texas Citation Questions 

    1. Adding Service of Citation to Your eFiling
    2. How do I serve through the Texas secretary of state?
    3. Language for Certificate of Service
  7. Texas Clerk Policies 

    1. Document Upload Policy - Texas Appellate Courts and Supreme Court
    2. Document Upload Policy - Aransas County - District
    3. Document Upload Policy - Austin District
    4. Document Upload Policy - Bastrop County - District
    5. Document Upload Policy - Bell County Court at Law
  8. Texas Court Contacts 

    1. What is the contact information for Dallas County?
    2. Where can I go to look up my Texas attorney number?
    3. What is the address for the e-filing website?
    4. What is the contact information for Brazos County?
    5. What is the contact information for Fort Bend County?
  9. Admin 

    1. Can the Firm Information be updated?
    2. How can I delete an entire registered firm?
    3. Direct Additional eFiling and eService Notification Emails
    4. Using the Case Templates Feature
    5. Generating Reports in FileTime
  10. Documents 

    1. Document Standards for eFiled Documents
    2. Creating Seachable Documents
    3. Submitting Scanned PDF Files
    4. Can I submit a Word document?
    5. Is there a max document size that can be uploaded?
  11. eFiling 

    1. Return for Correction Filings
    2. Why Am I not Able to eFile?
    3. Is Silverlight a system requirement for efiling?
    4. What Does Returned for Correction Mean?
    5. Clerks Can Make Changes to eFilings
  12. eFiling Status 

    1. When is my document stamped?
    2. Why was my filing rejected?
    3. What is a subsequent filing?
    4. What is the difference between "rejected" status and "submission failed" status?
    5. How do I cancel a filing that has already been accepted?
  13. Error Messages 

    1. Error - Multiple filing components not allowed for code
    2. Error: Unknown Document Types not allowed
    3. System out of memory error
  14. eService 

    1. How do I add counsel to my service list from the Public Service Contact List?
    2. How to Add Additional eService Recipients
    3. How do I retrieve eService documents?
    4. Why am I showing as an eService Recipient for Opposing Counsel's Firm?
    5. What is the difference between eService Contacts, eService Recipients, and Non-Firm Service Contacts?
  15. Fax Service 

    1. How many attempts does your fax service make
    2. Can't add new fax service recipients
  16. Filing Template 

    1. When would you want to add a template to your favorites?
    2. How do I create a template for my firm?
  17. General 

    1. What browsers do you support?
    2. Is FileTime free of charge?
    3. What are the system requirements for efiling?
    4. How to download a copy of the file marked document from FileTime
    5. How to Update Your Email Address
  18. Login 

    1. How can I unlock my account?
    2. Can the firm administrator reset a password?
    3. I registered, why can't I login?
    4. Do I have to register?
    5. Do I have to verify my e-mail to complete registration?
  19. My Account 

    1. Reduce the number of eFiling notification emails you receive
    2. How Do I Change My Password?
  20. Payment Account 

    1. What credit card types can I use for my payment accounts?
    2. Set Up Payment Accounts for Each Attorney
    3. Can I use a debit card to pay for my efilings?
    4. Do I have to set up a credit card account?
    5. In FileTime, when I set up a payment account, do I have to set up a list of certain filers that can file using that payment account?
  21. Registration 

    1. How do I register to e-file?
    2. When I try to register, the system tells me my email is already in use, what should I do?
    3. Do I have to verify my e-mail to complete registration?
    4. What is registering as an independent user?
    5. How do I add a user?
  22. Texas - eCitation 

    1. General Information about eCitations
    2. eCitations - Bowie County District Clerk
    3. eCitations - Cameron County District Clerk
    4. eCitations - Collin County District Clerk
    5. eCitations - Dallas County District Clerk
  23. Texas - eFileTexas Email Notifications 

    1. Submitted Filing Notification
    2. Accepted Filing Notification
    3. Filing Returned for Corrections
    4. Notification of Failed Filing Submission
    5. Notification of Service
  24. All articles 

    1. Adding Service of Citation to Your eFiling
    2. Document Standards for eFiled Documents
    3. Special Document Requirements for Appellate eFilings
    4. How do I create a payment account?
    5. How can I unlock my account?
    495 articles 

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