eFile IN: Payment Accounts

Acceptable forms of payment

  • If a filing fee is due, it must be paid at the time of filing. You may set up multiple payment accounts inside your firm account to pay fees online. The free e-filing system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit and debit cards.
  • E-Checks are not an active option yet.

Using a Waiver Account

  • If you wish to file a case with a fee waiver, you need to set up a waiver account as one of your payment account options. Most waivers must be approved by the court, but some waivers are automatic by statute.
  • To request a fee waiver when e-filing, submit the fee waiver request with your initial filing and choose the waiver account you set up as the payment account when submitting.

Setting up Payment Accounts in FileTime

  • Login to Admin account
  • Click on Admin to the right of Workspace
  • Click on Payment Accounts
Follow steps to set up new payment accounts. To start click on Add New Payment Account option.

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