Submission Times & Missed Deadlines Due to Technical Error

Submission Times & Missed Deadlines Due to Technical Error

  • You may e-file at any time except during scheduled down times.
  • The filed date and time are shown on the Notice associated with each document and are determined by the date and time zone in which the specific court is located.
  • Your filing is not complete until you receive the Notice of Electronic Filing from the state and FileTime.
  • In a trial court, a document that is e-filed outside the normal business hours of the court is deemed filed as of submission, but is not deemed served until the next business day of the court where the filing is made.
For example, if a summary judgement motion is filed after the court has closed for the day the opposing counsel’s 30 days to respond begins on the next day that the court is open.

Technical Errors

  • If you encounter a technical error in the Indiana e-filing system that prevents you from filing or serving a document by deadline, you may file a motion with the court requesting the document be deemed filed or served on the date attempted.
  • As  the filer, you have the burden of showing there was a technical error, and time will only be adjusted if the error is attributed to failure of the Indiana e-filing system.FileTime can help with this if the state system has failed. 

In the event the Indiana e-filing system does not permit a filing due to technical error, you may submit the filing conventionally.

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