Trial Court Filing Codes and Recommendations

Filing Codes Trial Courts

When you e-file, your submission is called an “envelope” and is assigned an envelope number. An envelope may contain multiple filings, and a filing may contain multiple documents. All the documents (i.e.,the lead document and attachments) in a filing must match the filing code you assign to the filing.

For Example If filing an Appearance, the documents uploaded must contain only the contents of the appearance and should be filed under the Appearance filing code. The documents must not also include the contents of, for example, a motion. The motion should be filed under a separate filing code (e.g., Motion).

Recommendations for filing in Trial Courts

  • Exhibits should be filed as attachments to the original filing code.
  • If you are filing a document that requires updating by the clerk(e.g., a letter or adoption record), you must select the "Proposed Notice" filing code if it is available. The documents should be uploaded as lead documents. Do not attach proposed notice documents to other pleadings.
  • If you are filing a proposed order with a motion, the proposed order must be submitted using a separate filing code called "Proposed Order." The proposed order will be the lead document on that filing code. Do not attach a proposed order to other pleadings.
List of Filing Codes for Trial Courts

  • Answer
  • Appearance
  • Certificate of Issuance of Summons
  • Complaint/Equivalent Pleading
  • Motion
  • Notice of Exclusion of Confidential Information
  • Petition
  • Proposed Notice(document will not receive a file stamp)
  • Proposed Order Filed(document will not receive a file stamp)
  • Return of Service(filer should include served party in the filing code comment)
  • Service Only
  • Subpoena/Summons File

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