Why was my filing rejected?

To view why your filing was rejected you will want to follow these steps to find out why:

1. Click on the 'Workspace' tab
2. Then the 'Filings' tab
3. Once you have located your filing in the list below
4. Click on 'View Filing Details' button on the right hand side
5. This will pull up the details of this submission. If you read the "Rejection Reason" section, the reason and notes provided by the clerk will be displayed. 

Typically, the notes will tell you how to correct your filing, if they do not make sense you can do one of two things.

1. Call the Court of the jurisdiction you are filing into and provide your submission ID number or,
2. Call FileTime at (800) 658-1233 and we can call the Clerk for you to find out how you can correct your rejected filing before resubmitting. 

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