Notification of Failed Filing Submission

The following email is sent to the filer when the filing cannot be processed by eFileTexas and they cannot forward it to the clerk.
The failure is caused by an error in one, or more of the documents in the filing.

SUBJECT: Notification of Failed Filing Submission for Case No. $$$casenumber ($$$casestyle)

Your filing was not successfully submitted. Please resubmit your filing.

Date Submitted: $$$datefiled
Case Number: $$$casenumber
Envelope ID: $$$envelopeid

Filings that Errored: $$$failedfilingcodes
Documents that caused the error: $$$faileddocumentnames
Reasons for Error: $$$errorcauses

Do not reply to this email. This message was automatically generated by
If you need technical assistance, please contact your eFiling Service Provider.

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