How to eFile a vacation letter in Harris District Court

According to the clerk we spoke with, you can file your vacation letter over the counter.

But, if you choose to eFile your vacation letter you will need to eFile it for each case.

Select No Fee Documents Not Answers as the Filing Code.

Select the Correspondence as the Document Category.

That stated, a customer provided us this additional information from his personal experience:

" Filing a Harris County vacation letter case by case won’t necessarily get the coordinators’ attention - at least that happened to me last year in a case where the trial setting conflicted with my vacation letter.  Apparently it’s related to the clerk’s and coordinators’ systems not necessarily talking to one another - a “feature” of JIMS’s bleeding edge (circa 1967) technology.


There’s a way to efile them outside of the state system.  If you have a free subscription to the district clerk’s site at (and if one practices in Harris County regularly, one should), log in and “attorney vacation” will populate in the Quick Links box; that link allows filling in and submitting an online form."

Our thanks to Tony Maluski, Lawyer.

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