Failed vs Returned for Correction Filings

There is a big difference between a Failed or Returned for Correction filing.

eFileManager added new processes to their system with their last big update. One of the features they added is more robust pre-processing of submitted PDF files. In other words, they are checking eFiled PDF files more carefully for issues that previously showed up when the clerks tried to open the documents and process them.

Failed Filings

When you submit a filing now through any service provider we all send the filing information and documents to eFileManager. eFileManager pre-processes the PDF files and, if it finds any errors in the document(s), eFileManager "Fails" the filing. The clerk never sees that filing.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the "Retry" feature in FileTime to resubmit that "Failed" submission without entering all the information over again. In other words, you will have to resubmit the failed filing as a completely new filing. The original submission date will not be preserved.

If you have a Failed Filing, there is no notification given to you by eFileManager as to the reason for the failure. Contact our Customer Support team so we can contact eFileManager and find out for you.

The most common reasons we have seen for filings failing are:

  • Fonts incompatible with the system. This seems to happen when filers OCR (convert scanned documents to text-searchable PDF files). The conversion software sometimes inserts fonts that are not compatible with the eFileManager (especially for special characters such as o, þ, R,⌂) into the OCR'd document.
  • Illegal characters in the document name. The document name can only contain alpha-numeric characters. So, avoid characters such as - : ( {, etc. in your document names.
  • Security features activated in the PDF file. - You can add security features such as password protection to PDF files. However, they are not allowed in the eFileManager system.
  • Active Links to outside URLs - You can add active links to other sections of the PDF file for navigation purposes. However, eFileManager does not allow active links in a PDF file that point to a URL outside of the document itself.
  • Use of Fill-in-the-Blank PDF forms - This is probably the most common reason for a document to fail. Many filers download fill-in-the blank Civil Case Information Sheet, Process Request forms, etc., fill them in, save them, and then eFile the completed fill-in-the-blank PDF file. Unfortunately, saving the form preserves all the fill-in-the blank coding and that is what causes the PDF file to be Failed by eFileManager. There are three possible solutions if you use one of those fill-in-the blank forms:
    1. Print the form and then scan it and OCR it.
    2. Print the file as a brand new PDF file (you will need Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional, not the free Adobe Reader software). This process deletes the fill-in-the-blank coding in the new PDF file and you can submit the PDF file with no problems.
    3. Upload your document to FileTime and click the Repair button that displays after the upload. If you are on one of the FileTime pay-per-submission plans FileTime will strip out the trouble-some coding and leave you a document that eFileManager will have no problem with.

Returned for Correction Filings

A Returned for Correction filing has been sent to the clerk by eFileManager and the clerk has placed the filing in suspension pending your submission of corrections. The Notification email you receive from eFileManager will provide the reason for the clerk's "suspension" status.

Read here for information on how to use FileTime's Retry feature so you do not need to re-enter all the filing data again.

If you use the Retry feature your follow-up" correction" submission will contain the original submission ID number so the original submission date will be preserved. Clerks generally cannot backdate time stamps so if you are resubmitting documents those documents will probably be file-stamped as of the time of the second submission. However, the court will consider them as having been submitting on the original date. This is per the revised rules of civil and appellate procedure.

The TRCP and TRAP allowed reasons for clerks to return filings for correction are:

  • Insufficient Fees - Occurs is you do not select and pay the correct fees required for the filing. This might include not selecting the Case Initiation Fee, not selecting the appropriate number of copies to attach to the citation, etc.
  • Insufficient Funds - This occurs when your credit card is declined by your credit card issuer. Neither FileTime or eFileManager will ever decline a credit card - that is always an issue with your issuer.
  • Document Addressed to Wrong Clerk - This occurs when you select the incorrect jurisdiction.
  • Incorrect/Incomplete Information - This occurs when you do not have not included required information such as the case number, case type, party names, party addresses, attorney-party emails addresses, etc.
  • Incorrect Formatting - There is a problem with one, or more, of the PDF files you submitted.
  • PDF Documents Combined - The jurisdiction requires that each of the lead documents be filed as separate documents, not all combined.
  • Illegible/Unreadable - The clerk deems the document to be illegible.
  • Sensitive Data - You need to redact the sensitive data in the document.


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