How to eFile a return of citation?

Question: First time. My private process server has served a petition. How do I file the return of citation?

Answer: The process of eFiling a return of citation is done just like eFiling any other document.

However, you must first scan return of citation to turn it from a paper copy to an electronic file. You can save the scanned file in virtually any file type if you are eFiling through FileTime* (i.e., PDF, JPG, .tiff, etc.).

When you arrive on page two of the eFile process in FileTime you are on the Upload Documents page. The process varies slightly if you are eFiling into Harris District versus other jurisdictions:

  • In Harris District, select No Fee Documents as the Filing Code. After you click the Upload Documents page you are taken to a smaller Upload Document page, On this page select Service Returns under the Document Category selector.

  • In all other jurisdictions, select No Fee Documents as the Filing Code and then upload your return of citation.

Complete the eFiling process as you would any other document.

*If you have chosen the free plan for your firm (you are not paying a FileTime submission fee for each submission) you do not have access to our document converter that turns any document into a text-searchable PDF file. Therefore, you will need to upload a text-searchable PDF of the return of citation that you created yourself.

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