Why did the Repair button show up when I uploaded my document?

Question: Why did the Repair button show up when I uploaded my document?

Answer: FileTime checks your uploaded documents for common errors that might cause your submission to be Failed by eFileTexas or Returned for Correction by the clerk. If is not capable of detecting and/or repairing every possible issue but here are the more common issues that trigger this alert:

  1. Incorrect Document Dimensions – The document-dimensions standard is 8.5” wide by 11” high. Many scanners are set to produce files that are slightly smaller or larger than this standard. Clicking the Repair button resizes the document to 8.5” X 11”.
  2. Incorrect Document Orientation – The standard orientation for a document is portrait mode… 8.5” wide by 11” high. If you submitted a document in landscape mode, 11” wide by 8.5” high or upside down, FileTime will display the Alert. Clicking the Repair button properly orients the document for you.
  3. Fillable Text Fields in the PDF – Many filers complete a PDF in which you can directly type in data, such as a Civil Case Information Sheet or the Civil Process Request Form provided by many clerks, and then save it. When you do so you are preserving all those Fillable Texas coding in the document and eFileTexas will reject the entire submission because of that. This coding triggers the Alert in FileTime and clicking the Repair button removes all that coding from the PDF for you.
  4. Contains Security Issues – FileTime is able to detect when a document contains password protection and that will cause the entire submission to be failed. Removing the password security is a manual process that must be performed by someone with the document password. Therefore, FileTime can warn you about it but not remove the password protection – you must get that done before you eFile the document. You could also scan the document and that will remove the password protection.
  5. Invalid Fonts – There are certain font-types in PDF files that cause eFileTexas to fail a submission. We know for certain that Zapfdingbats and Symbols are two font-types that commonly cause this issue. As far as we can determine, those are often inserted by Adobe Acrobat when the filer scans and OCRs certain documents. FileTime warns you about the presence of these fonts in documents but cannot remove them for you.

The Repair feature is only available for users in firms on one of the FileTime pay-per-submission plans. If you are on our free submission plan thsi feature is not available. Learn how to upgrade your FileTime Firm Fee plan.


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