How to request citations after the petition is filed?

Question: I already filed my petition and now I need to order my citations. How do I do that after I filed my petiton?

Answer: You will need to upload a citation request form or a cover letter as your lead document. Some jurisdictions provide a downloadable fill-in-the blank PDF request form for your use.

Answer: After completing the request form or cover letter begin a submission.

Select Requests as the Filing Code.

Upload the request form or your cover letter as the lead document.

Under Additional Court Services:

Select the types of citation delivery (Issue Citation is the most common selection) you need. Be sure to change the default of 1 to whatever number of citations you need.

Request Copies of the petition for the clerk to attach to the citation. The usual code is Copies - Service or Copies - Non-Certified. Order one copy for each page of the citation times the number of citations. Travis District issues electronic citations directly to the service processor so no copies are needed if you specify the process server to which they should be sent.

In the Comments field you can add something like Please hold for ABC Process Service.

De-select eService to any case counsel for this submission.

Complete the submission in the normal manner.

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