How to efile a request for a writ of execution?

Question: I need a writ of execution issued from the county clerk's office in Hays County, Texas. There is no choice to issue writ of execution so what do I choose.

Answer: (Note to reader: The following is specific to Hays County Court at Law but the instructions would be the same of any other Texas Court at Law and similar to those for District Court.)

  1. Create a cover letter. In the letter provide the case number and tell that you are requesting a writ of execution.
  2. Upload that as the lead document in your submission with a filing code of No Fee Documents.
  3. Now, go down to the Additional Court Services area and click the Issue Writ of Execution option. Leave the default of 1 if you only need one.
  4. If you want the constable to serve the writ for you be sure to scroll down a little further and click on Service – Constable – Writ –Execution.
  5. FileTime will calculate all the fees required for you.

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