Why Did My Fees Change?

Question: The EFileTexas charge was debited at $70 instead of $30 as I submitted it. Do you have any idea why?

Answer: When a filer does not select the correct filing code for a document and consequently does not get charged the correct fees when a filing is submitted, the intake clerk has two choices:

  1. Return the filing for correction with sometimes very sketchy info about what needs to be changed or
  2. Correct the filing code for the filer so the correct fees are charged and accept the filing.

When the clerk goes with option 2, we receive from eFileTexas the updated fees but no info about what changes the clerk made.

We see that one of your filings was an Amended Answer and Counter Claim.

Those are actually two different docs and each has its own fee. For that reason, most clerks return a filing for correction when they are filed as a single doc.

The clerk gave you a break by not making you resubmit with the Amended Answer and Counter Claim divided into separate docs - and he/she updated the fees accordingly.

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